We help clients through some
of the most pressing situations that leaders face today!


We help business owners and executive leadership get results.

We specialize in helping you select the right people, and developing their leadership skills to create an environment where people want to work, do their their best, and stay with you for the long haul.

We also work with individuals or groups and utilize practical frameworks to make leaps in their leadership presence, personal effectiveness, and influence with others.

Our end game is helping you add real value to your organization, achieve your professional goals, and enjoy career success.

Maximize your Talent, Teams & Results

Target your Talent!

Good talent is hard to find, the best talent is even harder.  Once you have found them and have them on-board, it’s even harder to retain them.  The talent within your organization is vital to your long term success.  Great leaders continually develop themselves and those around them. John Maxwell has said, the best and brightest leaders lift the lids off their people and uncork the latent talent inside of them.

Palmetto Leadership Center specializes in helping clients improve their organization’s culture, performance results, and executing their strategy.  We work with clients to broaden and strengthen their leadership teams at all levels in an organization, from the business owner or chief executive to the front-line leader.  With an honest assessment of where they are, to where they want or need to be, we help our clients solve their most pressing problems.  Whether new in career or a seasoned professional, we help leaders develop their leadership presence, personal effectiveness, influence on others, and others you see below.

What difference would it make in your organization?

The development of the next generation of leaders and preparing existing leaders for their next assignment, is an awesome and personally rewarding venture.

“I don’t know where we should take this company, but I do know that if I start with the right people, ask them the right questions, and engage them in vigorous debate, we will find a way to make this company great.”

― James C. Collins

Talent Solutions

We provide an efficient, structured process that helps high-performing people in leadership roles get sustainable results. Frequent opportunities for coaching include improving workforce engagement, developing high-performing teams, leading significant change, succession planning, building trust, and improving leadership presence and influence.


We utilize both formal and informal assessments for self-discovery, individual development plans, team development, and insight to the root cause for what may be holding an organization back.
While there are many in the market today, we focus on simple, practical, result-oriented “360” style tools, in addition to personal style indicators, to help break through barriers whether self-imposed or real. We also help clients apply reliable and valid employment assessments to help insure the best candidate is selected for the right position.

Creating a professional development plan

What is your vision for your career? Which values guide you in your career? What are the likely steps that your career might take? Gain clarity about career and the various dimensions for career planning. Explore a variety of possibilities, including mitigating risk, to keep moving forward in taking the next steps to advance your career.

Communicate Powerfully

Discover what it means to be an effective communicator, attentive listener, provide quality effective feedback, and express yourself professionally. We help you exercise and leverage your personal communication style for public speaking and small group meetings, to intense one-on-one crucial conversations.


Explore and practice effective delegation techniques that save you time and improve your personal effectiveness. Learning what to delegate to whom, and how to transfer responsibility is imperative. Gain insight on how to measure results and progress in addition to overcoming common barriers to success.

Career Planning

Explore and identify the next steps to keep your career moving forward. Implement well-rounded, targeted actions to jump-start, re-energize, or insure you are on track and stay on track to avoid losing valuable time in the development of your career. Maybe you are questioning your current path – stop wasting time and bring it to resolution one and for all.

Leader Dashboard

Feeling overwhelmed or struggling with focusing on what matters most. Get grounded and focus on the most important things. Help get your organization aligned and insure accountability. We utilize a simple, yet powerful tool to focus on what matters most and is important for success and satisfaction.

Leadership Presence

Improve your authentic leadership presence and develop greater flexibility in how to communicate with a variety of approaches. From 1:1 engagements to public speaking, discover ways to be a more effective listener and communicator, thinking strategically about your communication and its impact to an organization. Move conversations forward to get results and build a pool of mutual understanding and impact.

Influencing Others

Enjoy the feeling of achieving your goals. Execute your plans while strengthening relationships. Our framework helps target what really matters by setting a goal, assessing the current state, and choosing the right approach, including handling objections. Improve your flexibility in communication and influence to get things done through one-on-one conversations to large teams or groups of people. Your ability to influence others can make or break what you are trying to accomplish.

Managing Up

Not in the “inner circle” on having conflict with your manager? Communication and professional style differences among leaders are normal, yet critical in resolving quickly and effectively. Gain clarity about what matters most to your manager. Improve what likely is the most important relationship in your current or future position. Your awareness about the true quality of the relationship with your leader is crucial.

Perception vs. Reality

Be more confident, see new possibilities, and keep moving forward toward the vision by identifying your limiting beliefs. Very specific tools and techniques help overcome your limiting perception and its costs to you personally and your organization.

Personal Brand

Feeling invisible in your organization or tired of not being recognized for their talents, achievements, and expertise? The solution may be in the strength and clarity of your personal brand. Target your actions to capitalize on your individual strengths and abilities to set you apart from others in your field. Make better use of your time by assessing what’s important, rather than chasing after everything. Whether in a career transition, not satisfied with how you are perceived by colleagues, or just plain stuck you need a strong personal brand.

Work/Life Balance

Imbalance in your life can have a significant impact on performance at work. Take a look at the whole picture, and get clarity about priorities in life, quality use of time, and greater focus at work. Peace of mind and fulfillment are within your reach, and we can help.

Assess the Value of your Talent

Your best Talent is worthless if they leave a wake of “bodies” in their trail.  Collaboration and teamwork are more important than ever to achieve results in complex organizations.  We work with teams and individual members to get clarity about outcomes and accountability, or help resolve conflicts and issues as they arise.

We help develop teams to be highly effective and efficient in meeting its goals – the reason they exist.  We utilize practical techniques for creating open and honest communication that strengthens relationships, improves productivity, and moves the team towards results.

Whether you are kicking off a new team and want it to run well or your team is just not performing as well as you would like, we have solutions to help get them back on track.

“Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

– Andrew Carnegie

Thinking of what you could do with your team similar to that of a “conditioning camp” to get them on the same page or have them get to know each other better?

Teams Solutions

Front-Line Leader Development

Customized for the needs of your team, this often includes basic communication skills, providing effective feedback, and instilling trust. It also may include regulatory workforce compliance topics and career planning to motivate and retain your best leaders.

Building Collaboration

What are the perceptions & behaviors that help and/or hinder your collaborative efforts? What does the absence of a collaborative environment cost you financially, mentally, and in productivity? We can help diagnose and prepare a plan to break down the silos in your organization and take your productivity to the next level.

Palmetto Leadership Center – Outdoors & Offsite

Provides a unique outdoor offsite setting for leaders and their teams to step back and get clarity about key issues. We can provide space for a quiet retreat, and also serve as facilitators if desired to ensure a favorable outcome.  Situated on 60+ acres, our facility is uniquely designed to provide rigorous team training sessions or relaxing, reflective retreats.  We have secluded outposts for reflective activities, in addition to team development outposts for intense or rigorous outdoor activities such as team challenges, orienteering, fishing, shooting sports, and more. These unique opportunities for your team to build chemistry are guaranteed to penetrate even the toughest dysfunctional teams.

Resolving Conflict

Inevitably you will experience conflict with others at some point during the course of your career. When conflict is hurting performance, creating tension, or making it hard to get things done, we can help you navigate through conflict efficiently and effectively.  Your reputation, credibility, and character are directly impacted by the way in which you resolve conflict. Neither a heavy hand nor sticking your head in the sand by pretending it does not exist benefits no one.  We start with learning to understand each person’s communication and conflict styles, and proceed with deploying practical tools for listening, exploring the facts, and identifying the common ground between each party.

Targeted Workshops & Seminars

Based on an assessment of your unique needs, our workshops & seminars are custom designed for your organization.  Utilizing a variety of adult learning methodologies from classroom instructor-led training to 1:1 coaching, the transfer of newly learned concepts to the real world is our priority. Our learning frameworks place heavy emphasis on follow up and real-world application when the session is complete. Being designed for participants with maximum impact and high return on your investment, our methodology for development includes four sequential key elements: learning, doing, modeling, and teaching. We typically blend each of these elements to create a highly effective solution for sustained improvement and results.

Team-building & Development

Take your team to the next level with clear goals, roles and expectations. Practice exercising open and honest communication that strengthens relationships, improves productivity, and moves the team towards results. Learn to influence others while balancing ego, results, and relationships, and improve performance by building on strengths or correcting behavioral blind spots. We can work with your team whether it is in transition, not performing as well as you would like, or are kicking off a new team and want it to insure its success. While some team members may have limiting perceptions about working in teams, once they are re-framed, results improve.

New Leader Transition

We can help lay the foundation for leaders in a new role and want to succeed during the crucial first 90-100 days. Whether the result of an internal promotion, external new hire, lateral move, or even expatriate assignment, communication and expectations for the new setting are critical to become aware of the cultural and political environment of a new organization to avoid crucial errors.

“A general does not use the same troops over and over again.”

― John Christopher, The Pool of Fire

Obtaining sustainable results over time are critical to the long term viability of your organization. Whether in the form of improved profits, career success, team effectiveness, or simply personal satisfaction, it all comes back to the results. While we believe there is nothing new under the sun, our solutions are results-oriented.

Results Oriented Solutions That Can Be Measured

High Performance Coaching Academy

Achieve new levels of capabilities and performance, with this series using a variety of approaches from coaching, peer support, training, and accountability to get significant and measurable results for your organization.
This series is structured as small groups of talented leaders meeting monthly over a 6-12 month period with a single-minded purpose to show significant, measurable improvements in performance.

Employment Processes

We utilize a process that assists matching the candidate’s cognitive abilities, behavioral traits, and interests, to the position to identify the best fit in selecting a candidate. As a part of your existing selection process and screening procedures, this tool provides objective, easy to understand information to guide the decision-maker in making an informed decision.

Leading Change

Whether leading a major change initiative or needing to rescue change not going well, this framework can help secure desired results with minimal alienation. Those directly impacted, as well as those on the sidelines watching, we can help insure a process that feels authentic, considers risks ahead of time, and has open and honest communication.

Pipeline Talent

Knowing that change is imminent, members of your leadership team will be leaving or retiring and you need a plan to prepare. Many struggle with where to start, that is how we can help. Improve the value of your organization, build deeper bench-strength, and be more confident and secure about your next generation of leaders for your organization.

Strategic Planning

We have a comprehensive framework that covers the 3 key areas of strategy (big picture strategic questions, priorities, & execution).

It provides a common language for discussing strategy with your team, and so strategy gets done more efficiently.  It takes the typical consulting jargon out of the process because this is a very practical yet effective approach.

Plan strategy for a fraction of the cost of hiring a big-box consulting firm and yet still have an objective outsider moves things forward with efficiency.

Discover ways to give the organization an edge in the market and move from big picture ideas to actually making things happen.

With this approach, a big binder won’t be sitting on the shelf collecting dust.

High Performance Culture

The organization can turn around performance, but the issues go much deeper than strategy and financial performance. Certain pervasive behaviors in the organization can impede performance causing significant dissatisfaction with the culture. Productivity, teamwork, and alignment throughout the organization tell the true story. By demonstrating the organization lives its Mission and Values, we help organizations gain respect for the leadership team with authentic and significant improvement in leadership skills and behaviors.  “The old adage “culture eats strategy for breakfast” applies to every organization today. [Leaders] must understand that highly engaged organization attract the best talent, have the lowest voluntary turnover rates, and are more profitable over the long run. By focusing on driving engagement through the right corporate culture, companies can improve execution, retention, and financial performance.” – Deloitte University Press – Human Capital Trends 2015

Managing Your Time

Feelings of being overwhelmed and spending too much time at work with excessive meetings, firefighting, and interruptions, can lead to retention and engagement challenges. Get grounded and focus on the most important issues to improve your personal productivity and reduce stress. We can help make better use of your time by helping set boundaries, improve processes, identify self-defeating behaviors, establish meeting protocols, and identify self-limiting perceptions constraining productivity and meeting deadlines.

Targeted Workshops & Seminars

Based on an assessment of your unique needs, our workshops & seminars are custom designed for your organization. Utilizing a variety of adult learning methodologies from classroom instructor-led training to 1:1 coaching, the transfer of newly learned concepts to the real world is our priority. Our learning frameworks place heavy emphasis on follow up and real-world application when the session is complete. Being designed for participants with maximum impact and high return on your investment, our methodology for development includes four sequential key elements: learning, doing, modeling, and teaching. We typically blend each of these elements to create a highly effective solution for sustained improvement and results.

Workforce Engagement

Gallup’s annual survey about employee engagement continues to show low levels of employee engagement worldwide, and this problem costs organizations billions. Learn proven techniques to earn the right to lead a team, get to know them, and set expectations, to spend more time and focus on strategic issues than fighting fires. Inspire your internal talent to assume greater responsibility for leading and participating in continuous improvement efforts. We have seen excellent technically competent people, now in a leadership position, sometimes struggle with authentically engaging and involving the workforce. The impact on productivity, morale, involvement, turnover, and performance to an organization can undermine the otherwise overall success of an otherwise successful venture.

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