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Leadership Obsolescence: Running Close Behind Greed and Corruption!

photo by Dave Baker

Leadership obsolescence is real, as we see in the wake of the Wells Fargo corruption scandal. As leaders we must be reminded of the responsibility we share to stay on top of our game. Former Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf claimed to take “full responsibility” for the bank’s fake account scandal and has paid back millions, but we’ll continue to see just exactly what that means.  With personal gain reported to be than $200,000,000 and thousands of lower level employees fired as a result,…

The Manufacturing Bull-Ride

Manufacturing Bull Ride

Just a few weeks before, I had made a call to inquire about riding a bull somewhere on a Saturday afternoon for my 40th birthday.  The gentleman asked me two questions: 1) Did I have medical insurance; and 2) How many people would be coming to watch? Satisfied with my answers, he told me he would get back to me.  I had always wanted to ride a bull, and I was not getting any younger. Now, in front of hundreds…