How can we bring more mindfulness to the manufacturing floor without comprising speed or efficiency? With a background as an award-winning senior executive for agencies, brands, and team properties in NASCAR, IndyCar, and Formula One racing, Mike Mooney knows all about speed! He now uses his unique background to help leaders accelerate culture, unlock potential, drive opportunity, and create traction.

In this episode, Mike shares why humans are high-performance vehicles, and how leaders can use presence, intentionality, and curiosity to improve communicates, reach creative outcomes, and improve their organization’s culture.

3:46 – Like racecars, humans are high-performance vehicles that needs building, fixing, innovation, and restoration

5:04 – Being high-performance involves being present, intentional, and curious

8:13 – You can still get work done well and efficiently without sacrificing your relationships or workplace presence

9:22 – To improve your presence and how you show up, commit to shifting your micro-behaviors

12:00 – Sometimes, you need to slow down to go fast

13:33 – In the space between stimulus and response, you have a choice to jump to conclusions or react with curiosity

16:22 – Curiosity opens up conversations and leads to more productive outcomes

19:10 – Great ideas can come from anywhere, not just the executive team

23:20 – With curiosity, any idea can be interesting

25:05 – We were all designed to be high-performance vehicles and with time and authenticity, you can become the leader your organization needs

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