“Are you winning?” This is one of my favorite questions to ask when I enter a manufacturing plant, and it’s always interesting to see the variety of responses. To learn more about how leaders and their teams can do more to “win the day,” I’m excited to welcome my friend and former neighbor Eric Berdan to the Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast. After years of experience in manufacturing and running factories, Eric now works at the business optimization leader for Nestle North America. In this episode, he shares some great stories about what it takes to win in the manufacturing industry, plus shares tips on how to motivate your team and find productive results.

3:28 – Every person in your organization has a different definition of what it means to win

3:55 – By engaging your team in their daily activities and their goals, you’ll find stronger overall success

6:11 – You don’t have to be perfect, but you still need to win and set up a winning streak for yourself

7:19 – To achieve results, you need to break your paradigms, be willing to push through challenges, and find ways to motivate others

8:56 – Momentum always plays a key role

10:28 – Let you team work within their own frameworks and set goals that are attainable for them

14:10 – You can’t expect everyone to share your goals or reach the same expectations you personally set for yourself

17:54 – By being intentional about how you start your day, you can set yourself up for wins

22:23 – Sometimes, a strong winning streak can actually hurt productivity

24:59 – Understanding how you’re doing at work requires many different senses

27:38 – Discretionary effort adds to win and productivity

28:19 – The key to success is tapping into emotion and getting your team emotionally connected to a goal


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