Do you want to improve relationships at your organization and change the way you show up for your team? It all starts with self-awareness . . . and in this episode, guest Zovig Garboushian is here to show you the tips you need to become a self-awareness champion!

With years of experience in brand marketing, management consulting, and leadership development, Zovig now puts her passion and experience to use at Boldness Ablaze, a boutique professional firm that helps leaders overcome personal limitations and find authentic success. In this episode, Zovig delves into the important topic of self-awareness and shares her favorite tips on how leaders can use skills like curiosity and compassion to grow their self-awareness, form healthier connections, and find the life they want to have.

2:30 – Self-awareness is the key to having the kind of life you want to have

2:50 – It is also about the ongoing and evolving relationship you have with yourself

7:20 – Through self-awareness, you develop the ability to notice and change when something in your life feels incongruent with what you want for yourself

8:40 – The more we connect to ourselves, the more we behave in our natural ways

9:12 – Our essence is our unique way of showing up and adding value to the world

11:24 – Self-awareness also requires you to attend to yourself and practice self-care

13:25 – One way to practice self-awareness is to take small moments throughout your day to pause and reflect on how you want to show up

16:43 – Another self-awareness tip is to observe yourself, your behavior, and your interactions and reactions

18:40 – By staying self-aware and reflecting on your own behavior, you can improve your relationships with others in your organization

19:48 – Showing up with self-awareness takes courage

20:18 – Everything we do for others begins with ourselves

20:35 – Self-awareness includes curiosity, compassion, and acceptance for ourselves

22:05 – You’re never going to treat someone else better than how you treat yourself

24:26 – You deserve to take time for yourself

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