What’s the secret to retaining talent and promoting a healthy company culture? According to Jon Finch, the senior Vice President of Milwaukee Tool, it’s all about giving back! In this episode, Jon talks about creating (and sustaining!) a culture of productivity and accountability through building company values, delivering on a mission, and gifting employees with opportunities to give back to their community.


00:52 – Talent is currently changing faster than we can put together policies, programs, or infrastructures 

1:40 – With the total amount of human beings in North American in decline, it’s time to think about new ways of finding talent

2:12 – There is a lot of pressure on retention and engagement strategies, plus compensation philosophy

7:09 – Get people rallied around a purpose, value, and mission

8:57 – Every business has a “why” statement and something that really matters to them

9:37 – Test and try your ideas and know that it won’t be perfect the first time

10:15 – Values are particularly important to Gen Z Employees

13:32 – Find a way to give people who are connected and interested a way to help give back

14:36 – People like to be associated with organizations with positive values

17:41 – Give your employees and leadership a chance to connect to something that really matters

18:59 – Employees who feel like they’ve had a chance to give back will provide additionally efforts and have greater engagement

19:24 – By treating employees holistically, we see great thing happen and that’s why flexibility and perspective are so important

20:29 – When you give to others, it grows your own mindset

22:45 – It’s all about delivering stories that everyone wants to be a part of

26:04 – The team that you have at the beginning of the process is a good indicator of how the entire organization will look

27:04 – You can’t figure out a company’s culture just from an interview

29:12 – It’s important for employees to search for accountability

32:37 – Through engagement, you’ll see value


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