With the rise of artificial intelligence and new types of technology coming out every year, the manufacturing industry could be on the verge of some big changes—and the technology hub of San Francisco could be at the center of it all. That’s why I’m so excited to have my friend and San Francisco-based executive coach Michael Neuendorff on this week’s podcast. Michael is the president of Bay Area Executive Coach, and brings some great insights on how manufacturing industry leaders can learn from others, improve their collaborative mindsets, and ask the right questions for reaching creative, actionable solutions.

00:30 – “Seek to understand, then to be understood.” – Stephen Covey

2:48 – To stay curious in the workplace, adopt a “student’s mind”

3:09 – Even if it’s your tenth or twentieth year on the job, there is still something you can learn today

3:27 – As long as you stay curious, you can learn from anyone—even someone who you previously thought you couldn’t learn anything from

4:29 – Due to the rise of AI and other emerging technology, manufacturing could be in for some big and unique changes, and we need to prepare for that

5:40 – If you don’t know what didn’t work in the past, it’s harder to prepare for the future

5:45 – Work with people to find solutions, instead of just telling them what to do

6:13 – If someone is consistently told what to do, they can click off the part of their brain that focuses on understanding and problem-solving

6:58 – By staying curious, we can better work with others to find creative, productive outcomes

7:21 – Ask how you can invest in others

9:23 – If people feel like you believe in them, they’re more likely to rise to the occasion

10:18 – To ask questions that foster creativity and collaboration, consider your audience – are you talking to your peers at a leadership level, or someone a few levels below you?

11:14 – Be open to new and different perspectives

12:59 – Look back at your last 30 days. How have you tackled problems? What can you do differently in the next 30 days?

13:56 – When talking to others or setting meetings, consider the time of day. For example, some people may be at their best in the mornings when they’re feeling fresh and energized

20:55 – Believe in the power of collective idea generation

21:53 – By building stronger relationships, you can build more trust and engagement levels will increase

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