In his 1937 book Think and Grow Rich, author Napoleon Hill breaks down six steps leaders can take to increase their wealth and success. After reading his book, I knew I had to talk to someone who could take his classic advice and turn it into lessons for modern manufacturing leaders—and I knew Ann McNeil would be just the person! Ann is the president of MCO Construction Services and MCO Consulting, and the founder of the National Association of Black Women in Construction. She’s also an accomplished public speaker and the founder of the International Mastermind Association, which helps professionals with goal setting and financial empowerment. In this podcast, Ann highlights some of the key aspects of Think and Grow Rich, plus shares stories and tips for using Hill’s steps for success in everyday life.

2:13 – “Niche to be rich”

2:30 – To become rich, you have to start with the right mindset

3:00 – Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is a great book on this subject

3:30 – In his book, Hill shares six steps and questions for success.

3:37 – How much money do you want to make? What are you going to do to make that money? What date do you want to have that money by?

4:00 – Create an affirmative statement to help find success, then say this statement to yourself twice a day

5:00 – Accountability is key to success

5:43 – “A confused mind makes no decisions.”

8:00 – What about people who don’t care about the money, but simply want to add value or serve others?

9:00 – Without money, you can’t fuel your passions

10:00 – You can’t just start a fire! First, you need to add the fuel and wood

11:40 – If you give, you will get back

14:00 – Think and Grow Rich includes some great stories to highlight the lessons in this podcast

16:30 – If you want to be rich and successful, you must be clear about your mindset and purpose

18:00 – You can train your brain and set yourself up for positive outcomes

21:00 – The path to riches and success isn’t always easy or perfect

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