Becoming a leader—not just a manager or supervisor—can be a long, challenging process that requires tough conversations and changes to behavior. But in this week’s podcast, Dr. Andy Neillie is here to show that becoming a leader doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Dr. Andy is a speaker, corporate trainer, and coach with Neillie Leadership Group, as well as the author of The Golden Principle: Life and Leadership Lessons from a Rescued Dog. To help leaders find the skills and mindset they need to fully take charge of their team, he shares personal anecdotes about great—and not-so-great—leaders, plus offers insights on the four necessities of leadership.

3:30 – Due to COVID-19, the Great Resignation, and other recent events, leaders need to shift their mindset to understand their team member’s needs on issues like flexibility—as a leader, you need to evolve with the times

6:00 – As a leader, it’s not about you. It’s about your team!

7:00 “There’s nothing new in leadership. Once you get past Marcus Aurelius and Jesus Christ, there’s really nothing new.”

8:10 – To be a good leader, you first have to be a good person. If you show bad behavior or poor management, people will not respect you or want to work for you.

10:00 – “The four Cs of being a leader are conviction, competence, character, and covenant”

13:00 – If you shun hard conversations with your team, your employees will never grow, learn, or know when they’re missing an opportunity for improvement

14:45 – Being a leader takes bravery and you need to have the responsibility and stewardship to have those hard conversations and take care of the bottom line

15:50 – Once you’ve written someone off as no longer competent at their role, you’ve lost your title of leadership and your position to help them. If that’s your mindset, it’s either time for you to grow or let that team member go.

16:50 – It’s the leader’s responsibility to build and represent the rest of the team

18:00 – Your team isn’t necessarily your “family” because businesses have production goals and need to perform outward facing tasks – the goal isn’t to make everyone feel good about themselves, but to win the game when it comes to profits and production

21:05 – Don’t forget to document the positive feedback, too! However, you have to be geninue with your compliments and positivity

29:00 – “Extend grace to the teachable”

30:00 – Leadership takes courage

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