In our personal and workplace relationships, we’ve all come across this frustration situation: you’re telling someone about a topic that’s important to you, but the other person just isn’t understanding what you’re saying. In her fantastic book Emotional Magnetism, my friend (and fellow Canadian!) Sandy Gerber breaks why this happens and shares what we can all do to overcome our own communication blocks. In this episode, I’m excited to have Sandy as my guest to talk about her personal stories behind Emotional Magnetism, as well as how to use her “SAVE” communication motivators to improve communications and nurture relationships on the manufacturing floor and beyond.

3:11 – To get your message across, you need to connect emotionally with the person you’re speaking to

4:39 – Oftentimes, we’re too busy listening to rely that we forget to listen to understand

5:00 – When someone is telling you a story or about an experience, let them finish what they have to say instead of responding with your own story

9:23 – SAVE is an acronym for the four emotional magnets, safety, achievement, value, and experience

11:58 – SAVE and emotional magnets can be used to improve personal relationships as well as professional relationships

12:42 – To understand another person’s emotional magnet, you may have to shift your mindset and think about the best way to communicate with them

16:35 – Once you understand someone’s emotional magnets, you can approach conversations and conflict with more empathy and curiosity, which helps form stronger, lasting connections

20:00 – If you really want to connect with your team, you need to be engaged and open about your own communication blocks

20:59 – Taking the emotional magnets quiz can be a great exercise for strengthening your relationships and finding out more about yourself

22:29 – By getting rid of your own biases and assumptions about others, you take a big step toward improving relationships and understanding others

24:05 – By identifying your own emotional magnet, you can also get better at communicating what you need

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