Why does communication break down and lead to conflict? Can we find a way to harness emotions for good, or are we always doomed to division and misunderstandings? As someone who grew up in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, Dr. Irvine Nugent is no stranger to questions like these. Living in a time of great violence and turbulence has given him a unique perspective on emotions and body language, and he now uses his skills to help leaders understand and master their own emotions, discover the power of emotional intelligence, and transform their ability to engage with others. He is also the author of Lessons from the Pub, where he shares leadership lessons learned while growing up in a pub.

I’m excited to have Dr. Irvine as my guest for this episode, where he shares more about emotional intelligence, body language, and how to use emotion to build more meaningful connections.

1:57 – How we present our emotions has a big impact on how we forge relationships, avoid conflict, and find more productive outcomes

5:04 – Before you can lead others, you need to lead yourself

6:59 – One tip for increasing your self-awareness is to take a one-minute pause before entering a room and give yourself time to process your emotions and get rid of any emotions you don’t want to bring into the room

7:57 – You can’t always make your emotions disappear, but you can manage and acknowledge them

8:16 – If you don’t give people the information they need, they’ll fill in the gaps themselves and are more likely to jump to conclusions about your emotions and behavior

9:43 – Emotions are contagious

11:32 – By taking the time to have quality interactions, you can find better outcomes and change the way you show up for your team

14:54 – Leaders need to know the truth, and that truth becomes data

17:57 – On a strong team, everyone holds each other accountable

19:17 – Anger, fear, disgust, contempt, surprise, happiness, and sadness are the seven universal emotions

20:20 – By learning to recognize facial expression and body language, you can understand when you need to ask more questions or start a deeper dialogue

25:15 – Even in times of violence and conflict, there are always reminders of humanity’s resilience and potential

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