10. Your team clearly knows their expectations and consistently meets their targets

9. Your business/area of responsibility is secure after you leave, get sick, or die

8. Your priorities are clear and in alignment with your organization’s vision

7. You can effectively relate to members at all levels in your organization

6. Your team is highly motivated, cohesive, and achieves its goals

5. You can take a vacation… and not check your email/voicemail

4. You have no business or organizational challenges

3. Your life is well balanced at work and home

2. You have no “blind-spots”

1. Your ego is in check

   All humanity is divided into three classes: those who are immovable, those who are movable, and those who move! 

– Benjamin Franklin

With more than 25 years working with manufacturing site leaders, conversations relative to each of the above statements have been often, sometimes surprising, and at other times saddening.

A common thread is that many leaders struggle with at least one or more of these at any given time. It also seems that the higher up in the organization one sits, the fewer people there are for them to objectively talk to – giving credence to the saying that it is lonely at the top.

Transparency of these issues creates vulnerability – which at times may not be appropriate. As a result, we discuss less, keep things close to the vest, and put on a happy face to try and be authentic.

Transparency creates vulnerability that affects one’s authenticity.

What is your next step?