Front-line leaders in manufacturing would be the first to tell you “if you want to make everyone happy – go sell ice cream to kids!”

They are the “meat” in the proverbial sandwich – the conduit between Sr. leadership and the employee operating the equipment and making things happen.

Help them out by providing real development to improve their skills in active listening, objective thinking, and resolving conflict.

You know (or should know) your front-line leaders are key to building a magnetic organization where people want to come and work, be fully engaged, and stick around for the long haul.

Invest in this group of people in your organization and watch what happens. I’m not talking about sending them to a class, charm school, or a boondoggle at the beach. I mean real, hands-on, interactive development with practical application and accountability for results.

Let’s connect if you’ve ever wondered how this can occur and who might could help you with this.