Marilyn Monroe kicks it off with her famous quote – Fear is Stupid. So are regrets.

1:30 – Getting caught in our own fears, and how the environment fuels it over the last 18 months.

2:50 – The 4 fears – loss, failure, rejection, and the unknown

5:00 – Dave talks about the fear of a new plant manager!

9:30 – Taking the armor off, turn the tables with a different approach

12:00 – Like riding a bike or a new leader in an organization

13:30 – Pull over and reflect, self-awareness looking at yourself, conversations can create more stress than reality

17:00 – Step out and watch the traffic, so the fire in your hair does not take you over

19:00 – Trevor talks about focus on himself early in his career, fueled by fear of insecurities

21:00 – New Testament – Love is when you benefit your neighbor 

22:30 – We are not alone, we all have fear, in this together, be who you are in being present

23:00 – Mark Twain – I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened


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