With over 30 years in a variety of manufacturing environments Michael is an expert in organizational transformations, and often enters very emotional situations!  As President and Managing Partner at Crossover Solutions, this guy has seen it all.  We get the opportunity to discuss staying mindful during supplier interventions – yes, crisis moments of pending shutdown, yikes!

Such great content we had to break this into two episodes!


2:24 How do you mentor? How do you walk into situations under the gun?


2:57 Thoughtful and respectful of what is going on, and bringing sense of calmness, understanding and listening.


3:40 Benchmark of what performance should be and measure the performance, listen to how the company got to where they are is just as important.


5:09 Being calm and provide clarity to situation and how to work our way out of situation.


5:59 Walking in with a sense of listening to understand and rational what is going on, with standard of expectation off data.


7:03 Temperatures do get high particularly when put in by client, supplier has more anxiety.


7:28 Why 3rd party put in by OEM to understand actual risk and help figure out our way out.


11:25 Tornado ripped through plant and ripped the roof off, but we still needed to build parts.


11:59 We are there to help and not criticize, use helpful approach and getting thing calm and cool to temperature, rolling our sleeves up to help and not using a hammer.


15:16 What do we know for sure? Let’s ground each other.


15:32 Can you trust someone that does not care about you? How do you build that trust?


22:25 Rebuild relationship and trust between client and supplier.

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