2:09 Walking in and being judgmental and pointing out all the stuff that is easy to point out, like these guys that are perpetual list makers.


2:55 We would not tell you what to do unless we are willing to do it ourselves.


3:32 Think of we are always learning and don’t have all the answers but have enough to get started.


3:53 Holding people accountable holding we accountable is all part of the right outcome.


4:12 How the heck did they get here? What’s so wrong that here’s where we’re at? Why did the emotion of a situation get so elevated?


5:39 Make sure we protect the customer and support the employees of that organization


7:14 Often times we are not given all the tools to be successful, then find a way

12:52 Finding a way forward that is meaningful for everyone involved.


15:12 The experience and bandwidth to lend that type of help that s truly required is something I know that at Crossover we work on, the speed and precision.


16:57 It’s not necessary to say you know how you are going to help me, its why you think you can help me.


18:51 That first step on somebody realizing and recognizing that they potentially need help is a hug step and courageous.


25:11 Authentic self and how you show up today is extremely important


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