On the manufacturing floor, you don’t want your leadership and your team to be average . . .you want to be amazing! To learn more about how leaders can find the energy and inspiration to take themselves and their team to the next level of success, I’m excited to welcome my friend Dustin E. James to the Mindfulness Manufacturing podcast. Through his work with Moments Leadership, Dustin uses motivational speaking and interactive learning experiences to help organizations find greater engagement, creativity, and inspiration. In this episode, he takes stories from his past experiences and turns them into lessons leaders can use to connect with their teams, find new inspirations, and manufacture greatness in their organization.

1:40 – Energy comes in many different forms

3:00 – What is the balance between having a routine and bringing fresh energy into work every day?

3:10 – There isn’t a single person on your team who doesn’t want to be recognized for their good—when your team feels like they’re being acknowledged for doing more than just the average, they’ll continue to show up with new energy and motivation

4:34 – As a leader, it’s your job to show your team how amazing they are

8:00 – We all have bad days filled with struggles, challenges, but there is always a life lesson to be found in hard experiences

8:25 – Even when you are doing something challenging or difficult, there are still opportunities to grow your own mindset or help or inspire someone else. You never know when you’ll find a great lesson!

8:45 – If we want to learn new lessons and find new energy, we have to show up and be present every day instead of just embracing “average”

11:09 – As a leader, it’s important to know your team member’s individual goals and what motivates them

12:22 – In order to really connect, you need to know what makes each team member tick!

14:03 – “I see that you’re doing your best” can be a powerful way to start conversations and better connection with your team

15:19 – As a leader, it’s important to recognize that your team members are often doing the best they can and embracing that fact can help you build trust and move forward in productive ways.

16:08 – Trying to get someone to improve to change their behavior can be a big drain of energy—what are some ways to deal with this?

17:16 – Everyone on your team has something good that can be said about them

19:04 – At the end of the day, it all comes down to showing up and being there as a leader to your team. There’s always going to be new challenges, but it’s up to you to find lessons and energy in each day

20:00 – Always give your very best. Don’t show up to be second!

21:52 – Our best days are always ahead of us

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