Do you want to get rid of drama on the manufacturing floor? As a leader, you avoid drama, set boundaries, and inspire by your team by becoming the ultimate “drama diffuser!” In this episode, I’m joined by guest Cy Wakeman, the president and founder of Reality-Based Leadership and the bestselling author of books like No Ego: How Leaders Can Cut the Cost of Workplace Drama, End Entitlement, and Drive Big Results. I’ve been a fan of Cy’s writing for years, and I’m excited to have her as a guest to talk about how leader can use skills like curiosity and self-reflection to overcome drama in their organization.

1:30 – To avoid drama—and your own ego—approach every situation by considering what you know for sure

3:30 – It’s easy to fall into situations where you believe someone else is the villain or that you’re doing the right thing, which is why it’s important to consider facts, mindsets, and what details you know for sure

9:07 – The power of self-reflection is the ultimate drama diffuser

10:19 – Instead of judging or making assumptions, approach situations with curiosity, patience, and grace

11:49 – By extending an invitation instead of a lecture, you can “call people up to greatness.”

13:20 – “As the leader goes, so does the team.”

15:05 – If something happens that’s unpreferred, you need to step up and impact it

20:02 – As a leader, you can set an example and set your team up to avoid drama

21:32 – By setting a strong leadership example and empowering your team, you can find productive solutions while still maintaining healthy boundaries and not falling into the trap of being a “fixer” for everyone’s problems

23:05 – A question to ask yourself: if I see behavior I don’t want, how am I enabling it?

24:29 – When you quit buffering your team member’s relationship with reality, they will make better choices

29:32 – To get through to others, state reality and ask for what you really need

33:16 – As a leader, you can only make the invitation—it’s up to others to decide what to do with that invitation

34:59 – With the correct leader, your team will step into brilliance most of the time

35:16 – If you have drama in your workplace, it’s because people are venting instead of self-reflecting

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