What Are Your First 100 Days Going to be Like?

What Are Your First 100 Days Going to be Like? Dave Baker, Palmetto Leadership center, South Carolina

Just like in the White House, there are many business people across the country currently in some form of transition in their careers.  If that’s you, our next guest would like to share with you a few tips on how to make a great impression, proactively becoming aware of the culture and politics of a new organization, and avoiding crucial errors.

Mike Switzer interviews Dave Baker, a principal and senior consultant with the Palmetto Leadership Center in Anderson, SC.

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Dave Baker

Dave Baker is the founder and CEO at Palmetto Leadership Center in Anderson, SC. He has been helping manufacturing site leaders get results for more than 25 years to improve their organization's culture, performance, and workforce engagement to effectively execute their strategy. His experience spans a variety of manufacturing environments including the automotive, pharmaceutical, and wood products industries. He can be reached directly at (864) 902-4400 or dave@palmettoleadershipcenter.com ; www.palmettoleadershipcenter.com

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