3 Sure-Fire Strategies to Inspire Stellar Performance

/3 Sure-Fire Strategies to Inspire Stellar Performance

3 Sure-Fire Strategies to Inspire Stellar Performance

He wrings his hands at the end of the month, end of the quarter, and at year-end hoping he squeaks by to deliver on his metrics…

He keeps his door closed or half-way shut…

No news is good news…

It’s all about him and what you’ve done for him lately…

What kind of life was this? An all too familiar story.

Getting results comes easier by facilitating active problem-solving, promoting, recognizing and supporting others’ hard work.

3 Sure-Fire Strategies to Inspire Stellar Performance

1. Provide meaningful support and guidance. Improve your results by staying in constant contact with your team. To remove their obstacles to success, you have to know what they are. Get out and dance with your team. Anyone can administer the annual performance review form, a powerful leader makes it a moot point.

2. Provide constructive feedback on behavior and performance. Throwing out a “good job” now and then pails in comparison to specific, timely, and sincere feedback. How about stating what was said or done and why it was effective the next time you provide an “atta-boy”. Otherwise, save your breath and credibility.

3. Notice inappropriate behavior in others and responding effectively. Sticking your head in the sand and pretending what you saw or heard will go away never works. Every eye is watching for your next response. Step up and address it. Piling on the workload to your star-chambers to pick up the slack in others can certainly yield results, but addressing those not carrying their weight inspires others around. How many times have we heard “it’s about time”.

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